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Mojo Music Studios was formed in 1997 as a full service analogue recording, mixing and mastering studio. The business is owned by Colin Forster, a vinyl purist, who has strived to promote, and finally provide, South Australia’s only emerging vinyl record pressing facility. In 2009 the business incorporated Roundabout Records and in 2013 the business acquired a decommissioned Finebilt press, together with supportive infrastructure. In 2015, the business located and purchased a Neumann AM32 lathe from Auckland, New Zealand and is now in a position to provide both dub cut and lacquer mastering services. In 2017, Roundabout Records is sourcing and installing contemporary stamper preparation and pressing facilities in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. It aims to provide state of the art environment and resource conscious processes that will deliver excellent product quality to both small independent and large label requirements.

Please contact us with your future requirements and we will keep you informed of developments through our monthly mailer.

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